Thursday, 2 February 2017

Always plant good seeds

In the ordinary mind eyes of lay Buddhist practitioners, most if not all people consider that good things in life consist of a happy family with many good children, good health, wealth and holding good job, prosperous business, high social positions, and this is certainly true to some extent. However according to Buddhism teachings, those who are currently enjoying these good retribution are the karma or fruits which they had planted or sowed in the past which they are reaping them at the present. It is not the present seeds but the past seeds which planted as the result and if those who are immensely indulging themselves enjoying to the fullest all those good blessings, too deluded and busy, arrogant and snobbish in their lives fail to have any wholesome thoughts, deeds and actions, very soon all those good blessings will be used up and when this happen, downfall is at the door-step awaiting for them. When there are causes, there are also effects, the Karma!

If we want to enjoy the good fruits continuously then we must not forget to plant good seeds at the same time by doing wholesome thoughts, deeds and action to bring joy, happiness and all goodness to others and to our self beside practicing and cultivating the Buddha-Dharma. When we're blessed with good blessings due to the good karma in the past, don't be greedy asking for more, be contented with what we have at the present thus in this way we can maintain and progress towards a better life for our self and for others.

On the other hand, be mindful that everything including the good or bad times will eventually come to an end. The continuity of suffering in rebirth and death is inevitable and this explains that the life is impermanent and continuous. This is consistent with the truth that all phenomena are impermanent which taught by Lord Buddha. From childhood to old age, life is continuously changing, although it is constantly changing, the condition in the future is different to the present, its depend on all our thoughts, deeds and actions, the wholesomeness and the unwholesome in our doing. The life forms of the present and future are forever inter-connecting, thus life maintains its seemingly identical and continuous individuality. Good Health and Buddha Bless!