Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Buddha Mindfulness Is Supreme Meditation


If one is only mindful of Amita[bha Buddha; Amituofo],
this is named as unsurpassable,
profound and subtle [wonderful] meditation.
– Mahasamnipata Sutra (Sutra of the Great Assembly)

To be mindful only of Amituofo means to practise single-minded and wholehearted mindfulness of him.  As the quote shows, mindfulness of Amituofo, be it via verbal or silent chanting is also a form of meditation, as it trains the mind towards compassion, calmness and clarity. The concentration (samadhi) attainable is supremely peaceful and blissful as it is supported by the Other-power of Amituofo too.

In fact, Buddha mindfulness is the supreme form of meditation, because it leads to birth in Pure Land, to be able to meet and learn from many Buddhas directly, and to always be with the best of spiritual friends in the best environment for spiritual training. 

Spiritual progress is thus swift and  without backsliding, until supreme enlightenment is attained – for guiding more beings to the same supreme enlightenment.

Mindfulness of Buddha is also repeatedly taught by the Buddha in some 300 assemblies, as recorded in more than 280 sutras, as it is the safest and easiest path of practice, that leads to the most fruitful attainment. As stated in the Amitabha and Infinite Life Sutra, it is also a teaching praised by all Buddhas, that all Buddhas will teach


Source : Posted by Shen Shi'an (Purelanders)