Monday, 28 May 2018

將心比心 【中英雙語】

我們中國人很樸素的一個人生觀,就是將心比心;己所不欲,勿施於人,把自己喜歡的給別人。 很多人說佛教是勸人為善,那什麼是善?能替別人想,能把自己喜歡的,分享給別人,這就是善。什麼是惡呢?以自我為中心,索取自己快樂的,不顧別人感受,就種下惡的因。

A simple, traditional Chinese value is empathy. We try not to impose anything that we don’t like on others, whilst trying to offer what we like to others. It is said that a principal doctrine of Buddhism is to encourage people to perform virtuous deeds. But what does this mean exactly? It means being empathetic. What does ‘evil’ mean? It means being selfish and trying to acquire happiness at the expense of other sentient beings. Sowing the seeds of evil will certainly have bad effects.​​​​