Friday, 7 August 2015

Compare not with others

You can rid yourself of unnecessary worry and trouble simply by not comparing yourself with others.  As long as you regard others as your "equal", "superior" or "inferior", you will have intolerance and restlessness.  If you do not adopt such an attitude, there is nothing for you to worry about.  If you think you are higher than others, you may become proud.  If you think you arẹ second to none, others may descend on you.  If you think you are inferior, you may lose your own self-confidence.  For most people, it is very difficult to subdue their pride.  It is advisable to learn how to reduce one's pride. If you are able to sacrifice your pride, then you can find your inner peace.  You can harmonise yourself with others so as to experience peace and happiness.  Which is more important - to maintain your pride or peace of mind?  Try to realise that equality, inferiority, and superiority are all changing relative states: you may be poor now but at another point of time you may be rich.  Today you may be ignorant, later however you can be become wise.  Today you may be sick and unhappy but given time you will probably be healthy again.  However, there are many intangible human qualities which are regarded as mankind"s heritage - human rights, human dignity, human status etc..

Others have no right to deprive you of them. If you are good to yourself, you are good to others. If you good to others, you are good to yourself.

 Problems and Responsibilities by Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda