Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Before Lord Buddha Enter Nirvana

........there were 4 questions to ask Lord Buddha before he enter Nirvana and one of the last question as follow below..........

Ananda went straight to the Buddha’s room. Although he had not washed his face, his eyes were dry and his nose clean, and he was not nearly as unsightly as when he had been crying. The Lord Buddha was on the verge of entering Samadhi, and Ananda had no time to waste. “Buddha?” he said, “World Honored One? I have questions to ask..............

“The third question. You have been our Master, but when you enter nirvana who will our Master be? Will it be the oldest? Great Kasyapa is the oldest. Will it be someone middle aged? That would be Ajnatakaundinya. If it is to be the very youngest, I am the youngest, but I can’t be the Master. I can’t do it, Buddha.”

The Lord Buddha said, “You don’t need to be Master, and neither does Ajnatakaundinya or Great Kasyapa.”

“Who will it be then?”

The Lord Buddha said, “Take the Pratimoksa as your master.” The Pratimoksa is the Vinaya, the precepts and rules. “Take the precepts as Master.”