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Lord Buddha’s 15 Life Qualities to Become a Great Human Being (Karaniya Metta Sutta)

One day during the raining season disciples of Lord Buddha went to the deep forest to do meditation in search for the supreme enlightenment.  There were dryads (gods) who resides on trees of the forest and found it difficult when they find these visitors in the forest. So these dryads start troubling the Bhikku. The disciples who was not able to concentrate their mind to achieve their target went back to Lord Buddha and ask for his advice.Buddha taught them a sutta to chant at forest. The sutta is known as karaniya metta sutta. This Sutra teaches how to do Metta meditation and how to behave well to achieve our ultimate goals in life. The meaning of this karaniya metta sutta is valid for every living being.

In the first part of karaniya metta sutta lord Buddha shows 15 good virtues you should develop to achieve the ultimate goal of life. In the second part of the karaniya metta sutta it shows how you should spread kindness and do  proper Metta meditation.

What are the qualities of a great human being
§  Talented: you need to be skillful and posses the talents that are necessary to achieve your goals
§  Straight: you should be honest and continent with the things that you do, the words you speak and the thoughts you think. One day lord Buddha asked from one of his disciple ‘Rahula why do you need a mirror”?The disciple answered “my lord it is to look at your features “Then Lord Buddha told ‘Rahula as similar to, you looking at mirror to rig up the defects in your features; your actions, your thoughts and your words need to be critique. If your action, words or thoughts give you or others a suffering you should not practice them’
§  More straight: you actions need to be like an open book. You need to be a single hearted. You should do what you tell and should tell what you do. You can be straight if your actions are only honorable.
§  Obedient: Take good advice from wise people and practice good deeds.
§  Soft hearted: Strong enough to help others in their difficulties. Speak kind words and be generous
§  Humble: do not have unnecessary pride over your talent or possessions. Humble enough to see faults in you and to make them correct. Do not compare yourself with others. Treat everybody the same.
§  Content: Happy with what you have. This will give you a peaceful life. You will not get burden with unnecessary material things in your life. More you cling in to provisions more you lose and more you suffer. A content life bring you happiness.
§  Easily sustenance: live a simple life. When your sustenance is easy you safe lots of your energy and time to develop yourself.
§  Free from unnecessary work: a good practice of life is to manage your work. This will allow you to free your time for things important in life. Proper managing your work schedule is necessary for a successful life. If you are always momentous it will carry away your mindfulness and bring an occupied mind. You can be forgetful on many of your important things if you are not mindful. To have a peaceful mind you need to be talent enough to be free from unnecessary work.
§  Easy beingness: you should practice to live a simple life. Do not take unnecessary burden in to your head. Keep the country’s economic, social or political problems to the relevant authorities. Do your responsibilities and duties to the maximum capacity of you and leave it behind. Do not try to control everything happens around you.
§  Be self-possessed (virtuous): The actions you do with your five faculties need to be to be righteous. The five faculties namely eyes, ears, nose, mouth, body and mind need to be well behaved. When you are well behaved, yourself and people around you will trust, love and honor you.
§  Rise to an occasion: when you have the wisdom to take the rightful action at right occasion you will be protected from many troubles in life. You will develop a set of skills in life to deal successfully with challenges in life.
§  Non Belligerent: the virtue of non-aggressiveness is very much important quality of life. You will become a friendly person at working place, at home or with your love one. When you are non-belligerent you will create a fresh and happy environment around you.
§  Not seizing to individuals or groups of people: unnecessary attachments for single person or a group of people will create suffering in life. You should be kind and generous to people who do good and bad to you. This create many friend and remove enemies from life.
§  Not get blamed by wise people: in our life we meet wise people who has many experience about good and bad deed of people. If you get blamed by such wise people, which means your conduct is not acceptable. Therefore you need to always conduct well and not get blamed by wise people.
If you practice above 15 virtues in your life as lord Buddha taught, you can become a great human being.
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