Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Can One Suffer Due To Others’ Mistakes?

Question: Can someone in a family suffer due to the mistakes of another in the family?
Answer: Conventionally speaking, this is possible. For example, parents often suffer due to their children’s reluctance to heed their good advice, while children also often suffer due to their parents’ reluctance to heed their good advice.

Question: How does karma explain one’s suffering due to another’s mistakes?

Answer: Karmically speaking, no one suffers from others’ mistakes, as all suffering originates from one’s own negative karma’s ripening; not someone else’s. However, one might experience expression of one’s own negative karma through family members’ misgivings. Positive and negative karma can also be created and experienced collectively (e.g. as a family), but for it to be experienced personally, it must have been created personally, in this and/or past lives.

Source : (Posted by  on December 7, 2017)