Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The story of Sirima (a courtesan) and Uththara

Sirima was a highly paid courtesan whose beauty was renounced through the city. After her death king ordered his men to keep the body for three days. After three days king announced that he will offer this body free of charge to anyone in the city. But none accept the offering. This reveals the three marks of existence (impermanence, suffering and non self) and noble beauty of truth.

Following is a teaching of Lord Buddha, to understand the true nature of the five aggregates which cover the noble beauty of truth.

Please listen to Dharma
A person should;

Overcome anger with non-anger.
Overcome evil with goodness.
Overcome stinginess with generosity.
Overcome careless speech with words of truth.
Those encrusted worldly enjoyments, indulging and sense pleasure intoxicated by wealth, social standard, extravagant, praise, rank, prestige and power cannot see the noble beauty of truth.

It is the nature of all conditions to arise, persist for a while and then passed away. Investigate the impermanence of all condition phenomena. The truth of beings wondering through Samsara (rebirth form one life form to another) are beyond measure. The bone which are laid down upon this earth, covered it without gaps. This is something which is truly sobering to know.

One who is still attached to form, sound, taste, odor and physical sensations cannot find liberation from this world.

Source : @True Buddhist Teachings

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