Tuesday, 18 July 2017

One Good Turn Deserves Another / Master HaiTao

Goodness will meet with good recompense.   If you feel like savoring sweet-flavored water, you've got to add sugar.  Adding salt will only make water salty.   Therefore, the first principle I'm going to explain here is that everyone is a master of his/her own destiny.

Neither Buddha nor God would manipulate or dominate one's fate.  It's not occasional to be wealthy, healthy, and good-looking, nor is it accidental to own a sweet spouse and obedient children.  All these phenomena simply prove that whatever a man might sow, that also he will reap.  That's it and that's all.

After recognizing the dharma, we then realize not to blame gods, earth spirits, and others for all kinds of suffering, because whatever we encounter is nothing but a gift we receive from ourselves. You are healthy because you are willing to take care of the elderly and help the sick.
We’ve got one more concept to talk about.   Chinese are blessed to believe that reincarnation and past lives do exist.   There is life after life at the past, present, and future.   There are also infinite past lives, current lives, and reincarnation.   Thus, somehow in the world, you feel unfair about her born to be pretty, rich, or even with the skin bright and fine.   “What about me?” “Mom, why was I born ugly?”   You may wonder why.

However, if you do realize Buddha dharma mentioning what you sowed in the past lives do influence your present, you will work harder to do good deeds.  Accordingly, if you are in pain, don't blame others.   It's all because what goes around comes around.

For example, no matter how hard a teacher teaches at school, some students are at the top whereas others remain at the bottom.   Surely, it doesn't make sense for a bottom to scold the teacher.   The student is the one to blame. He's less capable than desirable.   He doesn't bother to try hard. There are still diligent students winning first prize.

The teacher makes no social distinctions in teaching just like the sun. When it shines on flowers, they will bloom.   However, when it shines on stones, they stay the same.  It's not the sun's fault.   Truth is just like the sun shining equally on everything no matter what your religion is.  As long as you realize the truth, you are able to change your destiny.

The major points discussed above are listed as follows: 
If someone wants to live a long and healthy life, what should he sow at the first place?

Please repeat after me.
Be filial and obedient to parents.
  Take care of the elderly.  Do not kill.  Release life frequently.  Donate medicine.  
It's as easy as 123.  If you expect the flower to bloom gorgeously,  you've got to take good care of it by watering more and providing full sun.   Thus, there is a Chinese proverb saying that you reap what you sow.
(Translator: Moon Light)