Sunday, 9 April 2017

Bowing in six directions

One  morning in Rajagaha  , the  Buddha  left  Bamboo  Forest with  his  begging  bowl    & came  upon  a young  merchant  named Sigala  on the  path just  outside the  city.  Sigala  was  bowing  in six different  directions of East  ,West,  South, North, Down,  and Up. The Buddha  stopped & asked him  the  purpose of  his bowing.  Sigala said that  his  father had  taught  him as a  child  to bow to the  six directions every  morning and  he  liked to obey  his father  wishes,  but  knew nothing  about the  purpose for   the  ritual.
       The Buddha  told  Sigala,  " Bowing  is a practice can  foster  happiness for  both  the  present  & the  future. " The Buddha  further  told that  as he  bowed  to  the East  he could  contemplate  gratitude to  his parents. When  he bowed to the  south,  he could  contemplate  gratitude  to  his  teachers. Bowing West,  he  could  contemplate  love  for  his  wife  and  children.  Bowing to the  North ,  he  could  contemplate  love for  his  friends.  Bowing  to the  down , he  could  contemplate  gratitude to  his co-workers.  Bowing  up , he  could  contemplate  to all  wise & virtuous  persons.
       The  Buddha taught  thereafter  taught  Sigala  the  Fifth Precepts &  how to  look  deeply at the  things  in order  to  avoid acting  out of  greed ,  anger, passion or fear.  The  Buddha  further  told  Sigala  to avoid  the  six actions which  lead to  ruin --1) abusing  alcohol  2) wandering  through  city streets late at night 3) frequenting  places  of gambling 4) visiting  places of depravity 5) loitering with  persons  of poor  character, and  6) succumbing to  laziness.  
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        With metta