Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Eightfold Path

The way we support ourselves through practicing the Eightfold Path teachings can be an expression of our deepest and illumination of our consciousness. We either falls into the mind state of peace, loving kindness and compassion when follow the teachings in practice or be engulfed with all source of unwholesomeness thought, deed and action that imminently suffering will follow it cause within the mind and causing others and ourselves to suffer as well. On the other hand, it does not mean that all sufferings are immediately eradicated at once however through consistently in practice, cultivation and Samadhi, bit by bit sufferings are getting lesser until we truly master them altogether then enlightenment, the ultimate happiness will follow it cause.

The Eightfold Path teachings are so important essence which primarily nourish our understanding of peace, compassion and realize the true nature within ourselves. It has no identity of belonging to any Buddhism sect but the wholesome teachings of the Lord Buddha to leave sufferings. In every single Buddha-Dharma teaching, they are related and are interdependent with the Eightfold Path teachings, everything flows from here regardless of any Buddhism Sect teaching that lead to cessation of sufferings. Though there some Buddhism sect do not independently emphasize about the importance of the Eightfold Path teachings however these wonderful teachings are blended into their practice manual of code of conducts, vows, guidelines, rules and regulations as a principle teaching in their practice and cultivation. They are also taking the Eightfold Path teachings seriously and not seeing them being apart or a separated but integrated them into a different way of expression, the teachings remain the same.

Written or spoken words alone are not enough and unable to express how wonderful these Eightfold Path teachings are, they are simple yet not easy to follow in practice. All the Buddha and Bodhisattva in the three periods of time took seriously in their practice and cultivation on the Eightfold Path from the beginning for these are the stepping stones of building and molding themselves to becoming the noble ones. We should be always awake to practice these efficacious teachings, far and near, inward and outward of the way that we support ourselves in living our daily lives. Good Health and Buddha Bless!

Source : Buddhist Wisdom Hall (posted by Kenji Twd)