Friday, 18 November 2016

The Five Rare Occasions (The Five Dullabas)

The followings are the Five Rare Occasions expounded by the Buddha:

(1) Buddhupado Dullabho Lokasamim!
Rare to appear is the Enlightened One in the world.

(2) Manussattabhavo Dullabho!
Rare is to be born as a Human Being.

(3) Dullabha Saddhasampatti!
Rare is to be endowed with the conviction in the Three Gems, Kamma and Its Results.

(4) Pabbajjitabhavo Dullabho!
Rare is to attain the Bhikkhuhood.

(5) Saddhamassavanam Dullabam!
Rare is to hear the Teachings of the Buddha.

Source : Buddhismforbeginnersgroup