Monday, 2 May 2016

A Daily Routine of a Good Buddhist

Paying homage to the Buddha 
(Reflecting on and reciting the virtues of the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Samgha)
Observing the moral precepts 
(Observing the five or eight precepts to lead a good moral life)
Doing the act of charity 
(Offering alms-food, pure water, flowers, perfumes, and light to the Buddha and the monks)
Cultivating loving-kindness 
(Developing loving-kindness, compassion, Metta towards all living beings)
Striving for perpetuation and propagation of Buddha's Teachings 
(Participating in religious associations, supporting the Buddhism Practice, donation and distribution of books on Buddhism, teaching and discussing Buddhism)
Practising mindfulness on tranquillity and insight meditation in your daily life 
(To overcome the real nature of personality-belief and to see mind and matter in oneself and to contemplate on their nature of impermanence, suffering and no-soul.)
Transference of merit 
(To transfer the meritorious deeds of charity, morality and meditation by saying "May all living beings gain the benefit of merit equally with me)

Source : Buddhist Wisdom Hall Group