Saturday, 13 February 2016

Where can I find some Peace

Someone: asked :  Excuse me Sir, could you please tell me where can I find some Peace, lately I am running short of it! Whatever things am doing seem not right, everything turns sour and goes to drain, I am desperate to find some Peace.

Bearded Man: It can be found anywhere when you find them!

Someone: I had searched all over the places but I couldn't find one.

Bearded Man: Perhaps you may stop searching for one, you'll never find them if you starts searching.

Someone: May I know why, what makes you said as such?

Bearded Man: You already have one within yourself but had forgotten about it due to your desire to search for one. If you stop the desire and cherish whatever things you're having at this present moment, then Peace will prevail within yourself. It needs no money, all it takes are your patience, contentment, compassion and contemplation. Why not try it out for yourself to see and experience about it!

Someone: I had lost my way and myself too, since I had asked you for help and you had told me, will follow your advice onward. Where can I find you if I have further question?

Bearded Man: Laugh loudly, hahahahaha! you need not have to find me but find yourself by following the advice which I told you earlier!

Someone: Thank you for your kindness of telling me Sir.

Source : Buddhist Wisdom Hall (posted by Kenji Twd)