Thursday, 25 February 2016

Pig Farmer

One day a pig farmer came to see me. He was complaining, “Oh man, this year it’s really too much!  The price of feed is up.  The price of pork is down. I’m losing my shirt!”  I listened to his laments, then I said,  “Don’t feel too sorry for yourself, Sir.  If you were a pig, then you’d have good reason to feel sorry for yourself.  When the price of pork is high, the pigs are slaughtered.  When the price of pork is low, the pigs are still slaughtered.  The pigs really have something to complain about.  The people shouldn’t be complaining.  Think about this seriously, please.”

He was only worried about the prices he was getting.  The pigs have a lot more to worry about, but we don’t consider that.  We’re not being killed, so we can still try to find a way to get by.

(The Teachings of Ajahn Chah)