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Making a Wish, Sharing of Merits & Rejoicing in Other’s Merits

After performing a meritorious deed,one should first make a wish and then share one’s merit.

(1) Idam me punnam asavakkhayam vaham hotu. (2) Idam me punnam nibbanassa paccayo hotu. (3) Addha imaya patipattiya jati, jara, byadhi maranamha parimuccissami.


(1) May this meritorious deed of mine lead me to the cessation of moral intoxicants. (2) May my deed of this merit be the support to Nibbana. (3) Owing to this moral practice, may I really be free from rebirth, ageing, sickness and death.

Sharing of Merits

Imam punnabhagam sabbasattanam dema (Three Times)


I share all of my merits with all sentient beings. I share all my merits with my parents, teachers, relatives, my guardian deva, the guardian deva of my home, the guardian deva of my town, the guardian deva of my country, the guardian deva of the earth, the king of hell, the king of devas, all devas and all petas.

May they all gain the merits of my meritorious deed as much as I do and may they all be happy and free from enmity.

May I call upon the guardian deva of the earth to bear witness.

May they all hear my words and rejoice in my meritorious deed!


Well-done, Well-done, Well-done.

Rejoicing in Other’s Merits (Saying Sadhu)

The Buddhists usually share their merits with others whatever they have performed meritorious deeds. “Sharing one’s merit with others” is called “Patti-dana kusala” and “Rejoicing in others merits “ is called “Pattanumo-dana kusala” in Pali.

In Tirokutta Sutta, it is stated by the Buddha that: “if the deceased relatives are reborn as petas who can rejoice in others’ merit, one should perform meritorious deeds for the sake of them, and share merit with them. If the petas can say “Sadhu”, they will be free from the miserable existences and they can receive celestial clothings, celestial mansions, celestial gardens and celestial utensils. In the Peta Vatthu also, it is mentioned that if a peta can rejoice in others’ merit by saying “Sadhu”, he will be immediately transformed into a deva.

Anyway, Sharing Merits and Rejoicing Merits never lessen your kusala (good kamma), by doing both of these make increase your good kamma.  So, as a Buddhist , Sharing and Rejoicing Merits is a good duty to perform that makes us more and more increasing our meritorious deeds without needing any special effort and that’s why we should perform these all……..

Source : Buddhist Wisdom Hall Public Group
Posted By Ye' Thu Aung