Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Kamma, The Only Refuge

The Buddha gave a discourse on Kamma to the headman of Asibandhakaputta Village while he was residing in the Mango Grove of the wealthy man Pavarika, in the town of Nalanda.  The headman asked the Buddha thus: “Venerable Sir, the Brahmins of Pacchabhumi said that they could send the dead to deva realms and brahma realms. Can you also do the same?”

The Buddha replied thus: “When you throw a stone slab into water, it will never float in water but sink.  Just like a stone slab sinking in water, evil doers will always be cast into miserable realms.  On the other hand, when you break a pot of butter in deep water, the butter will never sink, but rise and float on water.  Just like the water floating on water, good doers will always be reborn in happy existences.  No Brahma, nor god, and nor Creator can make beings miserable or happy.  No prayers can fulfil the wishes of beings.

It is evident that all beings have only their actions (Kamma) to rely on.  Parents cannot be punished for the crime committed by their children.

The nature of Kamma is deep and profound.  Only when one is endowed with good past and present Kammas, one will be successful in life.  The past Kamma is when one did in the past and so it belongs to one.  Even though one is endowed with good past Kamma, the present Kamma together with effort guided by wisdom is necessary to achieve great success.  The past Kamma cannot be changed; but we can be successful in life with the support of present good Kammas.

In accordance with the Buddha’s Teachings, one makes one’s Kamma the main original base with the right view and support it with wisdom and diligence.  Only then will one become outstanding and successful.  With appropriate time and opportunity, one will become a truly great man.

Source : Ye' Thu Aung (Buddhism For Beginners)