Monday, 8 June 2015

Cultivation - teaching by Venerable Master Ching Kung

Cultivation is to correct our wrong views, wrong thoughts, wrong discourse and wrong actions towards the life and the universe:
~teaching by Venerable Master Ching Kung

What is cultivation? It is to correct the wrong actions of our mind.
Everyone is able to accomplish perfect bodhisattva path irrespective of the genders, ages, positions or professions. As long as you can keep Buddha in mind and be mindful of Buddha constantly, you are exactly practicing your cultivation in your daily work.
Cultivation is to cultivate your own mind, not others'. Transform Buddha's teachings into your own thoughts and actions; make the reasons in scriptures to become your own state of thoughts. That is exactly cultivation.
Cultivation is to correct our own actions: for the body: no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconducts; for the speech: no lying, no double tongue, no abusive language, no deceitful words and flattery; for the mind: no greed, no hatred, no ignorance.
You should not get attached to the form in your cultivation. You have been attached to the form when you feel that you have accomplished something in your cultivation. Without the attachment to the form you will be able to sever the root of discrimination. To learn Buddhism, you have to cease evilness, cultivate goodness and detach the forms; all the three are the general guiding principles of the infinite dharma gate.
As a Buddhist, you don't have to regret or feel blamed for whatever you have done before, either good or bad. What you have to do is to keep doing no evil and doing only good from now on.
The true cultivation is to work on the mind ground and the volition. Transform whatever thought arising into mindfulness of Buddha; that is to cultivate from the root. To learn Buddhism is to tame your delusive thoughts, which is the supreme joy of life.
It is stated clearly in the scriptures: to accomplish Buddha hood in the Age of Dharma Decline one has to practice Pure Land Buddhism. To truly benefit from Buddhism you have to concentrate on one single practice: concentrate on one single scripture and one single dharma gate. What you need is only mindfulness of Amitabha Buddha and anything else is unnecessary.