Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Buddhism, Charm and Fortune-Telling

Lord Buddha said Hard work is the luckiest star.  Although Buddhism does not refute belief in deities, spirits, astrology, charm and fortune-telling, but the Lord Buddha advised that people should not be slaves to any of those forces. A good Buddhist can overcome all his difficulties if he knows how to make use of his spiritual intelligence and will-power to earn merit. The above mentioned beliefs have no spiritual significance or value. Man must overcome all his problems and difficulties by his own efforts and not through the medium of astrology or fortune-telling.

In one of the Buddhist Tripitaka stories, the Bodhisatta said:
'The fool may watch for lucky days,
Yet luck he shall always miss,
The luck itself is luck's own star,
What can mere stars achieve? 

Lord Buddha believed that hard work with faith in power of merit or virtue is the luckiest star and one should not waste time by consulting stars and lucky days in order to achieve success.  To do your best in earning merit and virtue to help own self is better than to rely on the stars or other external sources.

All sicknesses or difficulties owe their origin to either mental or physical causes.  Buddhists are strongly advised against falling into the miserable pit of superstitious beliefs and allowing the mind to be troubled by unnecessary and unfounded fears. Cultivate a strong will-power by refusing to believe in the influence of charms. It is unwholesome thoughts.

The meditation practice is proven to be very helpful to clear the mind of unwholesome thoughts. Meditation leads to the purification of the mind. A purified mind automatically leads to a purified and healthy body. Meditation is also good source to bring understanding to Buddha-Dhamma as well as for earning merit too. The Buddha-Dhamma is a soothing balm to get rid of sickness of this nature.

Any how, in Buddhist tradition, Once in the life time of Buddhist men have to ordain to pay back the goodness to the parents and find out the real happiness of life.

Source : Phra Samarth Govito
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