Tuesday, 5 May 2015

清口 Pure Speech

不食肉 只可以说是素食 而已; 不能说是清口  我们不但要 素食 而且还要素口素心 素行皆备, 这样才算是清口。 清口的意思就是:出言而无秽,出言而无过,出言而无欺,出言而无不信,出言而无一不包真理。。。。。

To avoid eating meat and to become a vegetarian, is to purify the body but not the tongue from contamination.  To be pure in speech is to be pure in words, thoughts and deeds.  Pure speech is without anger, blame, hatred, untruth and deceit. To use pure food, speech and always acting kind, is to develop a pure  body, heart and mind.