Thursday, 9 April 2015

Life is Suffering

The Enlightenment of Lord Buddha found the truth that every life being is under control of Laws of Karma. The Laws of Karma is acting by mind. The mind under control of Karma is always clinging to the need of a lot of things to gain pleasure and if that clinging is hopeless the mind will feel unhappy - unpleasure and then feeling suffer.

Lord Buddha found that the suffering will be with the mind since being birth and will be in the mind of every life being since birth, aging until death. It means birth is suffering, aging is suffering, death is suffering, sorrow, lamination, pain, distress and despair are suffering, separated from things liked is suffering, associated with things disliked is suffering, not getting what things wishes is suffering.

Lord Buddha also found that there are five aggregates caused the mind to be clinging.  Five aggregates are:
Form, Feeling, Perception, Mental process and Consciousness.

Lord Buddha found also that all of five aggregates are impermanent, all of five aggregates are not-selves. All processes are impermanent, all phenomenon are not-selves.
Lord Buddha teach all of us are beset by birth, aging and death. We have to meet with sorrows, lamentations, suffering, distresses and despairs, bound by sufferings, obstructed by sufferings

How to avoid or overcome sufferings and despairs?

Only one method, that is practicing spiritual meditation.
Dhammakaya temple teachs the technic of Spiritual Meditation to millions of practitioners successfully around the world and they become followers of temple more and more. This is why Dhammakaya temple grows very fast until BBC World News quoted that it is the largest temple in the world in only 45 years time.

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Source :  Phra Samarth Govito