Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Offering Lights

I offer lights (candles or electric lights) which can eliminate the darkness to the compassionate Buddha who is endowed with the infinite accumulation of glory, merit and wisdom.  Owing to my deed of this merit, may I realized Nibbana as soon as possible.

The Benefits of Offering Lights
One who offers lights to the Buddha can be repeatedly reborn in the celestial realms or in human existences.  He will have bright and fair complexion.  He will possess beautiful eyes with good eye-sight, and wisdom as well.  He will attain Nibbana in his final existence.
Note:It is important that you must donate contemplating on the virtues of the Buddha.

A Story Showing the Benefits of Offering Lights
One man paid homage to the Padumuttara Buddha lighting five lumps around the foot of a Bodhi Tree.  Due to this good deed, when he died he was reborn either in celestial realms and in human existences continuously.  He also obtained the power of being able to see things from one hundred yojanas (a yojana=about 13miles) away through all obstacles.
That man became an arahat named Pancadipaka Thera in Gotama Buddha’s time.

So also, Sumangala Buddha donated lights in his fulfillment of dana parami. Owing to this merit, bright hues were emitted from His body day in and day out. Those hues were brighter than those of the sun, the moon, stars and planets.

Source : By Ye' Thu AungBuddhism For Beginners