Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Various Types of Pagoda (Cetiya)

Pagoda; temple; stupa, edifice.    A thing which is honored, venerated and paid homage to by men, devas and brahmas.  These stupas and shrines are often built up with bricks to some considerable height and are called Cetiyas.

There are four types of Cetiyas:-

(1)     Paribhogha Cetiyas which include the Buddha’s personal belongings, such as water filter,  girdle, robes and alms-bowl;  also the edifices where any one of these are shrined,  as well as the Bodhi tree where the Buddha attain enlightenment;

(2)     Dhatu Cetiyas which are the Buddha’s relics and the stupas or edifices where any one of these relics are enshrined;

(3)     Dhamma Cetiyas which are the books and palm-leaves,  etc.,  on which the Buddha’s teaching are recorded and the stupas or edifices where these are enshrined;

(4)     Udissaka Cetiyas  which are images and statues of the Buddha.