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Tales of the Buddha’s Former Lives Stories 51-100 ebook

The book, Tales of the Buddha’s Former Lives originates from a collection of stories known as the Jataka Tales. The Buddha Himself used the Jataka stories to explain concepts like karma and rebirth and to emphasise the importance of certain moral values.
Though meant for readers of all ages, these simple stories, written along the line of Aesop’s
Fables, are made even more relevant in the fragmented societies of today, where young children, especially those in their formative years, seek guidance and are moulded in their value system.
All Jataka stories have a moral at the end on how to correct our ways and develop virtuous conduct and good behaviour. They promote and highlight those human values which contribute to harmony, pleasure and progress. They played, and continue to play in some societies, an enormous role in the cultivation of peace and generosity. For instance, in India, these and other similar stories were a principal instrument in the socialisation of children, discouraging them from selfishness and laying the foundations for the solidarity of the family and community.
One story teaches respect for elders, and the need to gain control over conceit, which is a minor defilement. Another teaches the value of gratitude. And yet another teaches about the detrimental effects of associating with unwholesome people.  Others help cultivate the mind in many ways, advocating values like generosity, the use of gentle language, the nobility of the ways of wise people, the value of morality and the evils of unwholesome associations. In this and many other aspects, the Jataka stories contribute to the happiness and development of the minds of impressionable ones.

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